Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast Finger Slide

It's strange how the mind works. I awoke one morning, and knew exactly how to make these slides! Not even knowing if they would work, but they ARE the best of both worlds.

One side is Sweet and rings like a bell, and the other is like something from the Back alley, the three legged cat drug in!! Talk about a two faced slide, this is it!! Check it out for yourself… This option comes in all models and glazes.

Standard models are 61-63mm (approx. 2.5") in length
Middy models are 53-55mm (approx. 2") in length
Shorty models are 43-45mm (approx. 1.75") in length
Knuckle models are 53mm (1.25" - 1.75") in length*

Available in Juju White, Bayou Blue, Voodoo Black, Mojo Green, Hellhound Red and Yeller Dawg.

Retail Price $38.99

Online Price $29.99


NOTE: Because these slides are more "personal", they aren't usually in stock and do take longer to create. We thank you in advance for your patience, but know that being able to offer these options to you will inspire you to always search for you own voice. And if you have ideas for other custom options, please feel free to contact us here at RMSC and we'll see what we can do. Looking for a special color combination? Contact us to see if it's in stock.

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