RMSC Custom Shop Options

Now you can order custom options EXCLUSIVELY ON OUR WEB SITE. These are not available anywhere else - you can only find them here at RockyMountainSlides.com. Because these slides are more "personal", they aren't usually in stock and do take longer to create.

We thank you in advance for your patience, but know that being able to offer these options to you will inspire you to always search for you own voice. And if you have ideas for other custom options, please feel free to contact us here at RMSC and we'll see what we can do.

"Seamless" Double Dip Glaze Option

Seamless Double Dip Glaze Option

We are always tryng something new and this does offer a colorful option. We have the Standard Double Dip slides with the 2 strips of Raw Polished clay. These are a "Seamless" glaze option, which removes the raw strips and leaves only the 2 tone glazes on the finger slide of your choice.

At this point these will be available in very limited quantity and can be requested through this site only. Please feel free to contact us and we'd love to work with you on this unique color glaze option. We also offer this in a combo of one sided Seamless, so you still have one raw strip to play around with...there will be an additional charge for these personalized slides, so again get with us and we'll work with you!!

The Tallboy Slide Option

Chapita and Hot Spike Bullet Nose Option

We have also received requests for slides that are closer to 3" in length or longer and so we will soon be offering this as an option as well, you can always contact us and make requests and we can see what we can do to help? This will give you another possibility in making that perfect tool to fit your style and needs.

The Raw Inner Diameter Slide Option

In the Raw Inner Diameter Option

We've been getting requests for a "Raw" inner diameter option for our slides and we do listen to you and appreciate your feedback and your ideas for the perfect slide. What we do here is brush the wax resist, by hand, into the inside of the slide so that the glaze will not stick to the inner diameter of the slide for a more tactile feel that some sliders are looking for.