Stealth Saddle Ring Slides

Stealth Saddle Ring Slides

A natural progression from the "Big Bart" Knuckle Slides...these Stealth Saddle Slides are designed to be used in melody sliding on 3 or 4 strings, but can be customized to fly on all 6 in our custom shop versions.

Fast, secure and able to deliver the sustain and tonal presence you've come to expect from us here at RMSC!! The inner diameter is determined by what version you request…all of these are based off of our basic slide models; Salida, Blues Boy, Shavano, Monarch, Columbine or Cochetopa models. This will determine you ring size, but don’t relegate these to just rest at the base of your fingers…they can be placed at different points on various fingers to create a whole universe of tonal possibilities!! Custom Shop Only...

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Length: 1.25" - 1.75" (or about 53mm).

All Stealth Saddle Ring Slides are "Hand Cut" to order and NOT created from any molds.

Available in Juju White, Bayou Blue, Voodoo Black, Hoodoo Black, Midnight Black, Mojo Green, Hellhound Red and Yeller Dawg.

Sorry, we cannot make the Columbine or Blues Boy slide models as a Stealth Saddle Ring, the wall thickness is too thin!

Retail Price $68.99

Online Price $56.95


NOTE: Because these slides are more "personal", they aren't usually in stock and do take longer to create. We thank you in advance for your patience, but know that being able to offer these options to you will inspire you to always search for you own voice. And if you have ideas for other custom options, please feel free to contact us here at RMSC and we'll see what we can do. Looking for a special color combination? Contact us to see if it's in stock.

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